Prevention & Education

Note: “kNOw MORE” Online Sexual Misconduct Prevention Training is also referred to as “Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduate (or Graduate Students)”. Please follow the instructions outlined in the email letter you received. 

All incoming students at UD learn about sexual assault, intimate partner violence, stalking, alcohol, consent, and bystander education through two online programs: Alcohol.Edu and kNOw MORE Online Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates (0r) Graduate Students. All incoming students must complete both programs with an 80% or higher prior to coming to campus in order to be able to register for next semester’s classes.

Students who are attend a First Year Seminar through the FYE program receive further education about sexual misconduct, campus policies & resources, and how to intervene in a situations where sexual misconduct may occur, through two classes taught by their Peer Mentor in their FYS class.

Additionally, students and organizations have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of sexual misconduct, consent, bystander intervention strategies, and healthy relationships through various university programs. Programs available through Sexual Offense Support on these topics may be requested for various groups such as Residential Halls, Greek organizations, and/or RSOs through Student Wellness and Health Promotion.