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Our program is funded by the National Science foundation and our Summer 2021 program is accepting applications (pending University approval).

News articles about the SELI-REU program

Learn more about the Science & Engineering Leadership Initiative (SELI) REU program as described by ACS Chemical and Engineering News 2014

Articles by the University of Delaware newsletter:

2014 Article 

2015 Article

2017 Article

 2018 REU Article by the University of Delaware

Olivia Shaw – our 2019 student

2015 Article by the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology ASBMBToday-2015

2015 article by the Scientist

Notable student achievements 

*** Deanna is the 2019 Goldwater Scholar

Christine Latz from our 2019 cohort is a 2020 Goldwater Scholar

*** Christian Lantz
Institution: Lebanon Valley College
Field of Study: Life Sciences
Career Goal: Ph.D. in Genetics. Conduct research in biomedical science and teach at the university level.
Mentor(s): Walter Patton, Juan Perilla, Courtney Lappas

*** Olivia Shaw – our 2019 student

*** Alyssa Paparella from our 2018 cohort received the National Science Foundation’s Graduate Research Fellowship for 2020

*** Hunter Angle was accepted to the University of Delaware graduate program in biological sciences and will be funded for  his first two years in graduate school on an NIH diversity supplement.

Publications by our SELI students 

From our very own SELI program! Using Graphiti and tactile graphics for protein visualization. See free article

About Dr. Karl Booksh

Learn more about Dr. Karl Booksh (see the movie titled The Passion in Science Awards)

Dr. Booksh in Chemical and Engineering News  2015

Dr. Booksh Ask Me Anything Session on Reddit 2016

Undergraduate students from various universities on UD’s campus for a summer Science, Technology, Education and Math research experience run by professor Karl Booksh for students with disabilities. – (Evan Krape / University of Delaware)