Resetting Educational Technology Coursework for Pre-Service Teachers: A Computational Thinking Approach to TPACK Development

Author : Mouza, C., Yang, H. Pan, C. Yilmaz Ozden. S, Pollock, L
Booktitle : Australian Journal of Teacher Education
Date : 2017
Publisher : AJTE
Project : Computer Science Education

Abstract :

This study presents the design of an educational technology course for pre-service teachers that introduces computational vocabulary and practices specific to incorporating computational thinking in K-8 classroom settings. Subsequently, it examines how participation in the course influences pre-service teachers; TPACK in relation to computational thinking knowledge, dispositions and practice. Data were collected from a self-reported survey and case reports focusing on the design, implementation and outcomes of computational thinking related lessons in K-8 classrooms. Results indicated that the course positively influenced pre-service teachers’ computation thinking knowledge, attitudes towards computing, and application of computational thinking knowledge in practice. Yet, some participants demonstrated only surface understanding of computational thinking. Findings have implications for the design of teacher education experiences that help prepare pre-service teachers develop TPACK in relation to computational thinking knowledge and practices.

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