Behavior Metrics for Prioritizing Investigations of Exceptions

Authors: Zack Coker, Kostadin Damevski, Claire Le Goues, Nicholas A. Kraft, David Shepherd and Lori Pollock
Booktitle : International Conference for Software Maintenance and Evolution
Date : 2017
Publisher :ICSME
Project : 
Keywords: Bug Triage, Behavior Metrics, IDE Usage Data, Exceptions, Stack Traces

Abstract :

Many software development teams collect product defect reports, which can either be manually submitted or automatically created from product logs. Periodically, the teams use the collected defect reports to prioritize which defect to address next. We present a set of behavior-based metrics that can be used in this process. These metrics are based on the insight that development teams can estimate user inconvenience from user and application behavior in interaction logs. To estimate user inconvenience, the behavior metrics capture important user and application behavior after exceptions (the defects of interest in our case). We validated these metrics through a survey of how developers would incorporate the behavior metrics into their prioritization decisions. We found that developers change their priority of investigating an exception about 31% of the time after including the behavior metrics in the priority decision.

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