From Professional Development to the Classroom: Findings from CS K-12 Teachers

Author : Pollock, Lori; Mouza, Chrystalla; Czik, Amanda, Little; Alexis, Coffey, Debra; Buttram, Joan
Booktitle :ACM SIGCSE Technical Symposium (SIGCSE)
Date : Mar 2017
Publisher : ACM
Project : Computer Science Education

Abstract :

The CS for All initiative places increased emphasis on the need to prepare K-12 teachers of computer science (CS). Professional development (PD) programs continue to be an essential mechanism for preparing in-service teachers who have little formal background in CS content, skills, and teaching pedagogy. While increased investment by federal agencies and the industry has raised the number of CS PD opportunities for K-12 teachers, there has been limited study of how teachers apply what they learn back in their classroom. This paper describes an in-depth qualitative study through interviews of 28 elementary, middle and high school teachers who participated in summer PD in preparation of teaching a full CS course or integrate CS modules into existing courses (e.g., science, engineering, business, technology, etc). The interview protocol focused on educators’ involvement in the PD, specific skills and strategies they learned, whether and how they have been able to apply these new skills in the classroom, what facilitated or impeded this application, and how students have responded.

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