Field Experiences in Teaching Computer Science: Course Organization and Reflections

Author : Pollock, Lori; Mouza, Chrystalla; Atlas, James; Harvey, Terry
Booktitle : ACM SIGCSE Computer Science Education Conference (SIGCSE)
Date : Mar 2015
Publisher : ACM
Keyword(s) : CS education, computational thinking, K12, CS principles
Document Type : In Conference Proceedings

Abstract :

A major challenge for broadening participation in computing within K-12 settings is the lack of trained teachers. While professional development programs provide opportunities for the development of knowledge, skills, and pedagogy in teaching computing, teachers need ongoing support throughout the academic year. In this paper, we describe a course-based model for partnering undergraduates with teachers and students in a field experience model. We describe the model focusing on learning objectives, curriculum, field component and partnership building. We subsequently report on the products that undergraduates were able to create with their partner teachers. Finally, we investigate the impact of the field experience model on undergraduates content knowledge, pedagogical skills and career development.

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