Initial Explorations on Design Pattern Energy Usage

Author : Sahin, Cagri; Cayci, Furkan; Gutierrez, Irene Lizeth Manotas; Clause, James; Kiamilev, Fouad; Pollock, Lori; Winbladh, Kristina
Booktitle : First International Workshop on Green and Sustainable Software (GREENS)
Date : Jun 2012
Publisher : ACM
Keyword(s) : energy use, software design, design patterns, green software engineering
Document Type : In Conference Proceedings

Abstract :

As the use of computers has grown, so too has concern about the amount of power they consume. Data centers, for example, are limited in scalability as they struggle with soaring energy costs from many large companies relying on fast, reliable, and round-the-clock computing services. On large-scale computing clusters, like data centers, even a small drop in power consumption can have large effects. Across computing contexts, reducing power consumed by computers has become a major focus. In this paper, we present a new approach for mapping software design to power consumption and present empirical results of the approach on different software implementations. In particular, we compare the power profiles of software using design patterns against software not using design patterns as a way to explore how high-level design decisions affect an application’s energy usage. We show how mappings between software design and power consumption profiles can provide software designers and developers with useful information about the power behavior of the software they are developing. The goal is for software engineers to use this information in designing and developing more energy efficient solutions.

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