Exploring the XO Laptop as a Platform for Encouraging Creative Writing by Children

Author : Bart, Austin Cory
Date : May 2012
Advisor : Pollock, Lori
Institution : University of Delaware
Department : Computer and Information Sciences
Keyword(s) : computer science education, xo laptop, learning games, assessment
Document Type : Senior Honors Thesis

Abstract :

Creative Writing is an important expression of creativity, and there currently exists no satisfactory Learning Software for the widely-distributed XO Laptop Platform to ll this niche. This study created two new Creative Writing Learning Activities for the XO Laptop and intervened in a classroom to test their effect on the Intrinsic Motivation of children to write creatively using the XO laptop. The quantitative and qualitative results indicate that children were motivated to write using the software, leading the way to further improvements to the software for future benefit.

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