A Case Study of Automatically Creating Test Suites from Web Application Field Data

Author : Sprenkle, Sara; Gibson, Emily; Sampath, Sreedevi; Pollock, Lori
Booktitle : Workshop on Testing, Analysis and Verification of Web Services and Applications (TAV-WEB 2006)
Date : Jul 2006
Publisher : ACM
Keyword(s) : field data, capture/replay, web applications, test case generation, multi-user interactions, emulate deployed behavior
Document Type : In Conference Proceedings
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Abstract :

Creating effective test cases is a difficult problem, especially for web applications. To comprehensively test a web application’s functionality, test cases must test complex application state dependencies and concurrent user interactions. Rather than creating test cases manually or from a static model, field data provides an inexpensive alternative to creating such sophisticated test cases. An existing approach to using field data in testing web applications is user-session-based testing. Previous user-session-based testing approaches ignore state dependences from multi-user interactions. In this paper, we propose strategies for leveraging web application field data to automatically create test cases that test various levels of multi-user interaction and state dependencies. Results from our preliminary case study of a publicly deployed web application show that these test case creation mechanisms are a promising testing strategy for web applications.

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