Towards the Safe Use of Dynamically Transformed Itinerant Software

Author : Jochen, Mike; Anteneh, Anteneh; Pollock, Lori; Marvel, Lisa
Booktitle : Military Communications Conference
Date : Oct 2005
Publisher : AFCEA/IEEE
Document Type : In Conference Proceedings

Abstract :

Mobile code and agent-based technology is being actively investigated for use within military systems. The use of mobile code in these systems could greatly benefit future defense capabilities; however, one must first establish confidence in the secure deployment and use of mobile code before widespread acceptance of this technology occurs. This is particularly true when a mobile code is permitted to evolve or modify as it moves through a network. Dynamic program transformation or evolution can enable more efficient computation of long running programs on constrained resource hosts by optimizing the computation for the current runtime input, state, and environment. This technology can also potentially provide dynamically updated or modified program functionality. Traditional mobile code validation methods such as checksums and digital signatures will be unable to efficiently meet the security needs of this itinerant, evolving software. New validation methods must be constructed in order to allow future mobile codes to avail themselves of the advantages dynamic program modification may provide while mitigating potential security risks.

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