Increasing High School Girls’ Self Confidence and Awareness of CS through a Positive Summer Experience

Author : Pollock, Lori; McCoy, Kathy; Carberry, Sandra; Hundigopal, Namratha; You, Xiaoxin
Booktitle : SIGCSE Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education
Date : Mar 2004
Publisher : ACM
Pages : 185–189
Keyword(s) : cooperative learning, web programming, high school girls
Document Type : In Conference Proceedings

Abstract :

This paper describes the design, implementation, and impact evaluation of a summer program designed to attract high school girls to entering an information technology field for their college major. Our main contributions include an analysis of immediate and longer term surveys from both the student participants and the female teaching assistants, curriculum and pedagogy highlights of the program, and lessons learned from the planning and implementation experiences.

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