Ophir: A Framework for Automatic Mining and Refactoring of Aspects

Author : Shepherd, David; Pollock, Lori
Date : Oct 2003
Institution : University of Delaware
Document Type : Technical Report

Abstract :

Aspect oriented programming (AOP) enables programmers to organize their program in a way that makes it easy for another programmer to understand not only the dominant organization (e.g., classes in object oriented programs), but also the programming concerns that would have appeared scattered if they were factored according to the dominant decomposition. To address the problem of automating the aspect mining and refactoring processes, we have designed and implemented Ophir, a framework to support automatic mining analyses and manual or automatic refactoring of aspects as desired. In this paper, we describe the design and implementation of Ophir; Ophir’s use in aspect mining, the Eclipse-specific features exploited in its implementation, and how Ophir, with its base in Eclipse technology, can be used as a springboard for automatic aspect mining and refactoring research and tool development.

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