University of Delaware Alternative Breaks

Meet the Executive Board

Community Engagement Chair

A Community Engagement chair is responsible for continuing and developing relationships with community members outside of UDaB and University of Delaware’s current community.

Esah Shah

She / Her / Hers

“I love how inclusive and culturally conscious the members are. Even though I’ve never been able to meet anyone in person, I’ve always felt heard, respected, and included on all conversations!”

Andrew Woods

He / Him / His

“My favorite thing about UDaB is that it gives everyone the opportunity to complete community service around various areas of the United States while working directly with the community and making meaningful connections.”












Public Relations and Marketing Chair

A Public Relations and Marketing chair is responsible for the branding, public relations, marketing, and advertising of the UDaB program across campus and with our community partners.


Nora Lewis

She / Her / Hers

“I absolutely love the sense of community UDaB creates at UD. I have met some of my best friends and had some of my favorite experiences during my weeks of service!”


















Recruitment Chairs

A Recruitment Chair is responsible for drawing interest to UDaB and encouraging students to apply to be participants, working closely with the Public Relations chairs, Community Outreach, and Diversity and Inclusion chairs.

Laney Crosley

She / Her / Hers

“I love UDaB because it gives you the opportunity to educate yourself about various social justice issues while experiencing a new community different from your own while making lifelong friends along the way!”

Sami Schwalbe

She / Her / Hers

“My favorite thing about UDaB is getting the opportunity to meet so many new people while learning about communities and social justice issues that I may not have been familiar with otherwise.”













Site Research Chairs

A Site Research chair researches possible program sites through the use of Internet research, the Break Away database, and our UDaB archive of past researched and used sites.

Alyssa Armstead

She / Her / Hers

“My favorite thing about UDaB is the service! It is so cool to be have the opportunity to learn about a social justice and have a first hand perspective of how people are being affected by that issue. Especially when you decide to involve yourself in a program that you don’t relate to at all, it facilitates a lot of growth and knowledge. Personally, I’ll take every opportunity I can to learn something new!”

Kim Bieksha

She / Her / Hers

“My favorite thing about UDaB is the community it builds full of passionate people.”














Continuing Education Chair

A Continuing Education chair is responsible for planning and facilitating UDaB’s large group events including, but not limited to, the fall leadership retreat, Participant Meet and Greet, Send-Off event, Return event and Reorientation reunions.

Kim Ortega

She / Her / Hers

“My favorite thing about UDaB is the sense of community. UDaB provides me the opportunity to explore social justice issues knowing I am supported by a group of passionate and like-minded people.”













Diversity and Inclusion Chair

A Diversity and Inclusion chair is responsible for ensuring that the component “Diversity and Social Justice” is prioritized throughout all UDaB activities.

Angela Yu

She / Her / Hers

“My favorite thing about UDaB is hanging out with the awesome people and working on this great organization.”