Chemistry 623 – Chemometrics

Fall, 2019

What’s covered in Chem 623?

Chem 623 is a graduate-level survey course introducing the area of chemometrics, the computational analysis of data from chemical instrumentation. This page allows outside access to the course syllabus, where prerequisites, required materials and an approximate schedule are provided. Full content of material offered in this course is available through Canvas.

To gain access to the course materials on Canvas, you must be registered in Chem 623. Point your browser to and log in with your student ID and password there. If you have registered, Chem 623 should already be in your list of Canvas courses.

Brief Course Description: This is an elective, three-credit, introductory graduate course in data science and computational data analysis as used in chemometrics and chemoinformatics. The course format is two lecture/demo/class exercise sessions per week. Homework (4 sets) is assigned and graded. The course grade is determined from the homework, a take-home final and a term project.

Theme: An introduction to statistical and computational analysis of data from chemical instrumentation.

Lecture Meeting Time and Place: 1100-1215  in 215 Willard Hall

Instructor: Prof. Steven Brown

Office: 239 Brown Laboratory

Office Hours:  1000-1100 Th,F, or by appointment

Contact Information:

Voicemail: 831-6861

Course Syllabus: Includes an expanded course description, instructor’s contact information, policies, grading information.

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