Chem 437- Instrumental Analysis

Brief Course Description:

Study of the principles of design and application of spectroscopic, chromatographic

and electroanalytical techniques to the solution of chemical measurement problems.

A required, three-credit, survey course intended for majors in Chemistry and Biochemistry

or closely related subjects. Prerequisites are Chem 322 or Chem 334 and concurrent

enrollment in Chem 418 or Chem 443.

The course format is two 90 minute lectures per week.

Full listing of material and schedules, etc. for this course is on Sakai (UD login and password required).

Lecture Meeting Time and Place: 1400-1530 MW in 207 Brown laboratory.

Instructor: Prof. Steven Brown

Contact Information:

    239 Brown Laboratory (BrL)

    Phone: 831-6861


   Office Hours:  1100T, 1300-1400 T,R or by appointment

Course Syllabus:

Full information on this course is available in the course syllabus.


Required Textbooks:

D.A. Skoog, F.J. Holler, and S.R. Crouch, Principles of Instrumental
, 6th Ed., 2007 (Brooks Cole)

D.C. Harris, Quantitative Chemical Analysis, 8th Ed., 2010 (Freeman)

These texts are available from the University Bookstore or from other booksellers. They are not newly published, so used copies should be available.

We need to use both books. Harris is used as the textbook in Chem 120/220, so you should already have a copy.

Skoog is encyclopedic, and many subjects covered there are not covered in Harris. What is covered in Harris is covered better and is more up-to-date.

Readings will be assigned from both texts in support of the lectures. Homework assignments will come from the problems provided in Harris and occasionally in Skoog.

Other Required Materials:

An i-clicker will be required for this course.

Link to Course Material on Sakai for students registered in this course: (UD login and password required)

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