Chem 221- Quantitative Analysis Laboratory

Laboratories begin in Chem 221 on MONDAY February 13, with Right-to-Know training. Lab 1 begins the following week. The course Sakai site has pdf copies of the labs, some helpful videos and other information. You should read the week’s lab and prepare your notebook prior to lab (your preparation will be graded!).

You will need a bound lab notbook with numbered pages, and approved safety goggles when labs begin. You can buy these bound lab notebooks at the UD Bookstore or you can get them from another vendor, but whatever you get must have sewn-in, numbered pages.

Your safety goggles MUST have complete side-shields; Biology-style glasses are not goggles, and won’t work for chemistry labs. Again, get these at the Bookstore, or from another vendor, but get “safety goggles,” not “safety glasses.”

Brief Course Description:

A required, one-credit, introductory laboratory course in classical chemical analysis based on chemical equilibrium and on basic spectrometry, potentiometry and chromatography. This course provides laboratory practice in classical chemical analysis for chemistry and allied majors. The course format is one 3 – hour laboratory per week.

Concurrent enrollment in a section of Chem 220 is required to take Chem 221.

Theme: An introduction to quantitative aspects of chemical measurement: laboratory practice in classical acid-base, compleximetric and redox analysis, elementary electrochemistry, simple separations and spectroscopic analysis.

Laboratory sections meet on Tuesdays through Thursdays in 106 Drake Laboratory (QDH).

Lab Section



Teaching Assistant 



1530-1830 (106 QDH)

M. Wiggins



1530-1830 (106 QDH)

Y. Khalifa



1900-2200 (106 QDH)

M. Wiggins


Instructor: Prof. Steven Brown
Office: 239 Brown Laboratory(BrL)

Office Hours:   1100TR, 1300T or by appointment

Contact Information:

Phone: 831-6861

Course Syllabus: Includes an expanded course description, instructors’ contact information, policies, grading information.

Link to Course Related Material on Sakai (Registered Students only: login and password required; Course-Related Software, Course Schedule, Labs)

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