Chem 220- Quantitative Analysis

Spring 2017

There are strict prerequisites and co-requisites for Chem 220: (1) You MUST have a passing grade credit in Chem 102, 104, 105, 112 or an equivalent course at the 1st year level to take Chem 220; and (2) You MUST enroll in a section of Chem 221 to take Chem 220 unless you have previously received a passing grade in Chem 221.

Classes begin in Chem 220 on MONDAY Feb. 6, 2017 (weather permitting, of course). Read the assignments on the Sakai site before you come to class, and bring your clicker. We will start right in.

Brief Course Description:

A required, three-credit, introductory course in classical chemical analysis and introductroy spectrochemical, electrochemical and chromatographic analysis for chemistry, biochemistry and allied majors. The course format is three 50-minute lectures per week.>

Theme: An introduction to quantitative aspects of chemistry: theory and practice of classical acid-base, compleximetric and redox analyses, elementary electrochemistry, simple separations and basic spectroscopic analysis and brief coverage of statistical analyses and propagation of error.

Lecture Meeting Time and Place: 1010-1100 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in 206 Brown Laboratory.

 Instructor: Prof. Steven Brown
Office: 239 Brown Laboratory(BrL)

Office Hours:   1100TR, 1300T or by prior appointment

Contact Information:

Phone: 831-6861

Course Syllabus: Includes an expanded course description, instructor contact information, policies, grading information.

Link to Course Related Material on Sakai (Registered Students only: login and password required; Syllabus, Course-Related Software, Course Schedule, Lectures, Homework)

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