How to Join

We meet every Tuesday at 5pm in Perkins Gallery – stop by to check us out! And join SCPAB on Student Central!

How can I make membership?

Membership works like this:

a. Earn 6points. You get points by volunteering at events. Most events are worth 1 point each, but larger events such as working crew for a major event are often times worth more than 1 point. Exec will tell you.

b. Come to general meetings every Tuesday at 5 pm in Perkins Gallery. If you have ¾ attendance, you will gain a point towards membership. This means you must sign the attendance sheet at ¾ of the meetings or else respond to the minutes after the meetings saying you read the minutes.  Always include your name in that email! If you do not attend ¾ of the meetings, you will have to earn your sixth point through volunteering.


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