Committees and Reading Lists

Area (Select Area for reading list) *Chair and Committee
Disasters and Environmental Sociology *Dr. Tricia Wachtendorf; Dr. Victor Perez; Dr. James Kendra
Criminology *Dr. Aaron Kupchik; Dr. Karen Parker; Dr. Susan Miller; Dr. Ronet Bachman
Deviance *Dr. Tammy Anderson; Dr. Joel Best; Dr. Victor Perez
Gender *Dr. Susan Miller; Dr. Ann Bell, Dr. Asia Friedman
Health *Dr. Ann Bell, Dr. Asia Friedman; Dr. Barret Michalec
Law and Society *Dr. Chrysanthi Leon; Dr. Aaron Fichtelberg; Dr. Gerry Turkel; Dr. Eric Rise
Methods *Dr. Ronet Bachman; Dr. Tammy Anderson; Dr. Aaron Kupchik; Dr. Mieke Eeckhaut
Race and Ethnicity *Dr. Ben Fleury-Steiner; Dr. Maria Johnson; Dr. Yasser Payne; Dr. Karen Parker
Theory *Dr. Gerald Turkel; Dr. Anne Bowler; Dr. Aaron Fichtelberg; Dr. Asia Friedman