Heart and Soul of Sussex County

When a community takes the time to get to know itself, its Heart & Soul elements, it gains a sense of identity and purpose that will help citizens make decisions and take action to strengthen who they are.

“Only by going to, listening to, and learning from everyone – the influential and the forgotten, old timers and newcomers, young and old, rich and poor, business owners and workers, professionals and tradesmen, the noisy and the quiet, the caregivers and the gatekeepers – can shared purpose and identity live in and guide a community.”

Heart & Soul Poster (PDF 1.3MB)
Building Connections (PDF 442KB)
Heart & Soul Conversation, June 2008 (1.3MB)
Heart & Soul Survey


The video has been viewed at meetings and conferences, with attendees having a conversation about what they saw and how the “snapshot” of Sussex County can be used to strengthen communities and help maintain the quality of life that residents and visitors to the county enjoy.

Heart & Soul Movie