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DE Cooperative Extension and UD, IPA are actively working on economic development strategies with Sussex County officials. They helped to draft, A Vision for Sussex County’s Economy, a plan to create self-sustaining, long-run economic growth in Sussex County. The goal of this plan is to establish the energies, institutions, and cooperative arrangements requisite for sustained economic development efforts in Sussex County. It recognizes economic development as the intersection of public policy and private commerce for job and wealth creation. With this definition in mind, two key questions face Sussex County.

  • First, how can Sussex County businesses, governments, community groups, residents, and educational institutions best focus their energies to promote self-sustaining economic growth?
  • Second, how can these groups balance a focus on economic growth with a respect for those characteristics that make Sussex County a unique locale offering high quality of life?

SCC staff will continue to provide leadership for this action committee in the future.


Sussex Economic Development Action Plan, January 2010 (PDF 258KB) Developed by the Sussex Economic Development Action Committee


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