Stormwater Management

Jim Falk, Joe Farrell (DE Sea Grant) and Bill McGowan (DE Cooperative Extension) worked with EPA, Smart Growth officials and other technical experts to review and recommend innovative ways for Sussex County to address low impact development techniques and model stormwater ordinances. This is a need that the county has indicated is important as development continues in the future and as a way to help protect water quality. The final report has been distributed to various communities and agencies interested in new approaches to dealing with stormwater in their communities. You can find this report below.


Protecting Water Quality with Smart Growth Strategies and Natural Stormwater Management in Sussex County, Delaware, prepared by EPA-NOAA Smart Growth Implementation Assistance for Coastal Communities for Sussex County, Delaware, January 2009. Full Report (PDF 10MB)

Front Cover (PDF 133KB)
Acknowledgments (PDF 61KB)
Inside Cover and Project Team (PDF 70KB)
Contents (PDF 41KB)
Executive Summary (PDF 62KB)
Chapter 1: Introduction (PDF 114KB)
Chapter 2: Context (PDF 501KB)
Chapter 3: Regional Growth and Development (PDF 185KB)
Chapter 4: Neighborhood/Community-Level Development (PDF 406KB)
Chapter 5: Site-Level Stormwater design Strategies (PDF 7.1MB)
Chapter 6: Next Steps (PDF 130KB)
Appendix A: EPA-NOAA Smart Growth Implementation Assistance for Coastal Communities (PDF 73KB)
Appexdix B: Site Visit Details (PDF 76KB)
Appendix C: The Nuts and Bolts of Stormwater Management Strategies for Streets and Parking Lots (PDF 1.64MB)
Appendix D: Integrating Stormwater Management With Buildings (PDF 623KB)
Appendix E: Additional Resources (PDF 102KB)