SAPA Committees

Community Service Committee 

This committee strives to improve relations between the Student Association of Policy and Administration (SAPA), the University of Delaware, and local Delaware communities through public service initiatives.

Fundraising Committee

The SAPA Fundraising Committee will be responsible for developing SAPA’s vision by generating the needed revenue to support the SAPA budget as well as the SAPA scholarship fund.

The Fundraising Committee also has the following goals:

1. To support the Treasurer in coordinating/executing fundraising events, and

2. To assist the Treasurer in planning the fundraisers for each semester.

Professional Development Committee

The purpose of the Professional Development Committee is to design and support professional development activities for SPPA students in order to provide a broad range educational approaches and support services necessary to ensure that students reach their highest potential.

Social Committee

The mission of the Social Committee of the Student Association of Policy and Administration is to foster a sense of community and connectivity among students across all degree programs in the School of Public Policy and Administration.

The Social Committee also has the following goals:

1. To provide a means for students to become involved with or increase their participation in SAPA,

2. To increase awareness of SAPA among current and prospective students,

3. To cultivate a cross-cohort affiliation between students of different degree programs, at the undergraduate, masters, and doctoral level, among part-time and full-time students, and among students in various research centers,

4. To promote social events that are related to policy issues that are hosted outside of SAPA, and

5. To sponsor or host at least two committee events per month, of which one may be a Happy Hour event.