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Known issue: Uploads in Resources using Firefox assigns wrong file type

Published on: Author: Mathieu Plourde

Clients have reported that some files in Resources in certain Sakai sites do not download or open properly. After some testing, our team discovered that uploading files using the Firefox browser (Mac or PC) assigns the wrong file type, and creates issues for clients downloading or accessing the file. How to detect the issue: In… Continue reading

Known issue: Using HTML pages in Sakai

Published on: Author: Mathieu Plourde

As an instructor, if you create HTML pages and you have tried to host them in Resources, you’ve probably noticed that those pages do not show up the same way as pages hosted somewhere else — like on copland, for instance. As a security measure, by default, IT doesn’t allow HTML pages to be executed… Continue reading

Known issue: Paste from Word

Published on: Author: Mathieu Plourde

After submitting text in Sakai that contains segments coming from Microsoft Word [1], you might notice the following code onscreen. This is because extra code is copied along with your formatted text. Your content is actually there, it’s simply below the garbled code. This known issue can easily be avoided by following these instructions:  Firefox… Continue reading