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Guest management issue: Microsoft Email Accounts (Hotmail, Live, MSN, Outlook.com) prevent invitations from being delivered

Published on: Author: Mathieu Plourde

As staff and faculty use the Sakai and Canvas Guest Accounts services, we have noticed that when they invite guests who use Microsoft-hosted email account domains, such as: @hotmail.com @live.com @msn.com @outlook.com or any country-specific ones, such as @msn.ca, or @hotmail.br … the original invitation is not delivered properly, preventing the guest from completing the… Continue reading

Sakai and Canvas Guest Accounts Web form released!

Published on: Author: Mathieu Plourde

Information Technologies is happy to announce the launch of a Web form called Sakai and Canvas Guest Accounts. It is intended for faculty and staff to create and manage guest access to UD’s learning management systems. In addition to conforming to our integrated guest account service (which also includes the Parent/Guardian accounts), it will allow… Continue reading

Upcoming changes to the Sakai Guest Management System

Published on: Author: Mathieu Plourde

Allowing external colleagues, experts, or students to use Sakai@UD has been and continues to be an important feature of our main learning management system. Since 2008, UD faculty and staff have created over 4,000 Sakai@UD guest accounts. Whether these guests are fellow researchers, job applicants, guest speakers, or students, they enrich our research and learning… Continue reading