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Using web 2.0 and UD-supported solutions with Sakai.

Providing Scantron results to students in Sakai

Published on: Author: karenk

Faculty, in addition to posting final test scores from Scantron files in Sakai, you can send each student his or her test answers matched with the answer key. When students record their Student IDs on their test scoring forms, they provide the unique identifier for Sakai that corresponds to their individual student records. By default,… Continue reading

Using UD Capture – It’s as easy as 1-2-3: Sign up, Record, Review in Sakai

Published on: Author: Nancy O'Laughlin

UD Capture is an automatic classroom capture system that records traditional classroom meetings for online use. IT Academic Technology Services has put into place a seamless process with no extra setup or new equipment to learn. Behind the scenes, the capture appliances will automatically record what shows up on the projector in the room as well as… Continue reading