About Sakai@UD

The University of Delaware adopted Sakai as its official learning management system in 2008.  It was deployed in full production in September 2008.

NOTE FOR FACULTY MEMBERS: See the Canvas@UD pilot page for an alternative to Sakai for your course sites.

Sakai is an environment in which instructors can prepare and deliver courses, communicate, and collaborate with their students. The most common term to describe this tool set is “Learning Management System” (LMS), but Sakai markets itself as a “Collaboration and Learning Environment” (CLE) because of its strong emphasis on communication and collaboration tools. It is a collection of open source tools developed by a large number of universities to provide a supplementary learning environment suitable for face to face and distance learning courses.

According to the Sakai Project’s website, “Sakai is a free and open source product that is built and maintained by the Sakai community. Sakai’s development model is called ‘Community Source’ because many of the developers creating Sakai are drawn from the ‘community’ of organizations that have adopted and are using Sakai.”

For more information, visit the Sakai Foundation’s website (http://sakaiproject.org).

Contributors to this blog

This blog is managed by IT Academic Technology Services. The following Sakai support staff will regularly write posts.

  • Mathieu Plourde (Project Leader)
  • Karen Kral
  • Nancy O’Laughlin

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All questions and requests regarding Sakai should be addressed to the IT Support Center.