Sakai@UD Planned Outage for 2.9.3 Upgrade

Published on: Author: Mathieu Plourde

On Wednesday, August 20, 2014, Sakai@UD will be unavailable from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. to allow the code to be upgraded to version 2.9.3.

Sakai 2.9 contains significant performance improvements, updated technical infrastructure, hundreds of bug fixes (over 600 bug fixes and over 20 security improvements), and accessibility improvements. Significant features have been added to the Resources, Gradebook, and Section Info tools.

Although the main features and navigation patterns will remain similar, faculty and students will see some changes in the user interface.

  • It is now possible to drill down to a specific tool in a site from the new drop-down menu in the site tabs.

    Drop-down menu in the site tabs.

  • The new “Site Drawer” (available under the More Sites tab) provides a more intuitive way of navigating all your sites and updating your preferences.
  • Faculty can publish their course site directly from the left menu bar.

    Publish site from the menubar.

Some additional changes and fixes:

  • A new option in Forums forces students to publish an original post first before seeing what other students have posted.

    Require users to post before reading.

  • Import from Site links to content in Resources correctly (in the new site instead of the old site).
  • You can notify new members of a site by email when adding participants manually.

As usual, please direct any Sakai-related question to the IT Support Center (submit a request, email, or call 302-831-6000).