Sakai and Canvas Guest Accounts Web form released!

Published on: Author: Mathieu Plourde

Photo credit: Bezajel on FlickrInformation Technologies is happy to announce the launch of a Web form called Sakai and Canvas Guest Accounts. It is intended for faculty and staff to create and manage guest access to UD’s learning management systems. In addition to conforming to our integrated guest account service (which also includes the Parent/Guardian accounts), it will allow for guests to set their own display names, passwords, and security questions required for password reset requests.

Guest accounts can be provided to external contributors (such as fellow researchers, guest speakers, non-matriculated students, etc.) or for personal course-related use (creating a guest account for yourself to see your course as a student). Any email address can be used to create a guest account.

This new process replaces the Sakai Guest Management System (SGMS), which was used to create more than 4,000 guest accounts since 2008. All active guest accounts created using the legacy SGMS have been ported to the new system, using the same username and password as before (if you are the sponsor of one or more of those guest accounts and want your guests to choose a new password, use the Reset password option in the management interface).

Documentation for the Sakai and Canvas Guest Accounts Web form is located at

If you have questions about this process, contact the IT Support Center (submit a request, email, or call 831-6000).