Final Grades from Sakai to UDSIS

Published on: Author: karenk

The Grade Submission from Sakai to UDSIS Web form allows instructors to transfer final letter grades from Sakai and automatically changes the status of the grades to Approved in UDSIS. It is important that instructors use this form only when all the grades have been assigned for the course section.

  • You must add the Gradebook 2 tool to your Sakai course; only courses with this tool will be included in your Sakai course list in the Web form.
  • Submit one Web form for each course section, even if several sections have access to the same Sakai course.
  • All students must have a grade; any special grades (I, L, LW, S, U, Z) can be set with this Web form. Note that only auditors can receive L or LW.
  • Letter grades of A-F can only be changed to a special grade within this Web form.
  • Until the grades have been posted, resubmitting this Web form will overwrite the UDSIS grades for that course and section.
  • In UDSIS, before grades have been posted, you can go to the Grade Roster, change the approval status to Not Reviewed, make changes, and reset the Approval Status to Approved. See page 9 of the Registrar’s directions.
  • We recommend that if you change any grades in UDSIS before they are posted, you make the corresponding change in Sakai.

If you have questions about this Web form, contact the IT Support Center (submit a request, mail, or call 831-6000). You can find details about grading on the Registrar’s Grading, Grade Rosters & Deadlines page.