Known issue: Total points for tests may not be saved correctly

Published on: Author: karenk

Before publishing a test or quiz, instructors are urged to check the total number of points by using the Edit option for the pending assessment.  Once a test is published, you cannot change the number of points allotted to any question.

We have received reports that if the number of points is changed in an assessment part that draws questions randomly from a question pool, the change may not be retained.  It may be necessary to add the points several times.

To change a pending assessment, use the pull-down menu next to the assessment and select Edit.

To modify the number of points used for randomly chosen questions from a pool, click Edit on the right side of the part you want to change.

Specify the number of points to be given for each question.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact the IT Support Center ( or 831-6000) and we’d be happy to help you.