Your fall course site could be a lonely place…

Published on: Author: Mathieu Plourde

Don’t let your site be a ghost town. Add your rosters! (photo credit: nate2b on

As a new semester rolls in, the IT Support Center has received some questions from faculty members about student access to fall sites. Here are some tips to make sure your students will get access to your site from day one.

  • When you duplicate a site from a previous semester, the rosters are NOT copied. Student enrollment changes for every course each semester, so you have to select the current semester’s roster for each course. You can do this in Site info > Edit class roster(s).
  • Students will get immediate access to your site when you add the roster.1 If you do not want your students to get access right away, unpublish the site in Site Info > Manage Access.
  • To see who has access to your site, check the list of participants in Site Info. We have noticed that the Roster tool (the Sakai tool called Roster) is sometimes not accurate in displaying all participants. This is a known issue we have reported in the past.
  • Newly enrolled students are added to the roster overnight. UDSIS is synchronized with Sakai daily, so the list of participants in your site might change until the drop/add deadline for the current semester. You can add students manually if you don’t want to wait for the sync to happen.

Always refer to the Faculty Checklist for Using Sakai@UD Course Sites to avoid surprises!

1. Note: Students are given access to course sites approximately two weeks before the beginning of any given semester.