Assignments and the Gradebook

Published on: Author: karenk

Instructors, when you add an assignment, you can choose where you will display the grades:

Adding an assignment to the Gradebook takes the grades that you post in the Assignments tool and shows them to individual students in the Gradebook. You can only add grades and comments from the Assignments tool if you set the grading this way. In the Gradebook, these items appear with a note under the Grade Editor column on the right side:

Associating an assignment with an existing Gradebook item lets you add grades and comments both through the Assignments tool and the Gradebook. In the Gradebook, you must have already added the item with which you associate the assignment. Students can only see the comments using the tool in which they were written, although the grades are displayed in both tools. This method is helpful if some of your students submit their work using Assignments but some hand in their homework another way.  You can add many grades at once by clicking the title in the Gradebook:

Note that whether you add it to the Gradebook or associate it with an existing Gradebook Item, it will be marked as associated in the edit view:

Added Assignment
Associated Assignment