Providing Scantron results to students in Sakai

Published on: Author: karenk

Faculty, in addition to posting final test scores from Scantron files in Sakai, you can send each student his or her test answers matched with the answer key. When students record their Student IDs on their test scoring forms, they provide the unique identifier for Sakai that corresponds to their individual student records.

By default, the Scantron files are now sent directly to you through the UD Dropbox and so the process is even easier than before. The student answers are contained in the file that you receive for every Scantron submission. By selecting the proper option (Standard Option 5 = 1) on the Instructor Control Form, you can specify that the raw and percentage test scores be sent in a separate file. Using the Gradebook or PostEm tools, you can let the students see their own test scores or answers.

You can find detailed instructions online. If you have questions or would like help, please contact the IT Support Center (submit a request, mail, or call 831-6000).