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Beyond our main TOF-SIMS and XPS instrumentation, the Surface Analysis Facility also houses several other techniques to enrich our understanding of various surfaces.
Sample Handling

We are able to handle and analyze conducting and insulating samples at temperatures from -170 °C to 1500 °C. Water- or oxygen-sensitive samples can be loaded in your inert-atmosphere glove box and transferred with ~1 ppm water and oxygen levels to the XPS system. This transfer capability is coming soon for the TOF-SIMS. Although the ideal sample size is 1 cm × 1cm × a few mm, sample dimensions as large as 25 mm × 75 mm and no thicker than 10 mm can be analyzed. Very small sample sizes and powders can also be handled. Frozen, hydrated sample introduction and analysis is planned for the future. Please call to discuss any special sample-handling needs.


XRFWhile not surface sensitive, X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy allows for quick and atmospheric analysis of the elemental composition of samples. Using the same principle as XPS, XRF analyzes the first few millimeters of a sample, returning detailed elemental analysis.

XRF is commonly used for samples which are large or otherwise unsuitable for vacuum.