Task Objectives & Cultural Engagement Targets: 

  1. To increase students’ familiarity with the host site (Knowledge of the host site)
  2. To encourage independent exploration of the study abroad destination (Cultural engagement)
  3. To promote effective coping strategies aimed at handling cultural and linguistic barriers (Tolerance for ambiguity; Diversity openness)

Task Description: 

Students find their way around the host site and identify relevant information in connection with the theme or focus of the course.  Note:  As opposed to a regular scavenger hunt, this activity emphasizes in-depth independent exploration of a particular resource at the host site.

Recommended Procedures: 

  1. Prior to arrival (or prior to assigning tasks). Teacher selects relevant places, artifacts or individuals at host site, and designs course-appropriate research tasks (Examples: Healthcare services available in low-income neighborhoods; local businesses/companies where specific technologies [or procedures] are applied; Urban planning features that relate to a specific theme explored in the course, etc.).
  2. Searches. Students find their way around the unfamiliar host site, interacting with the local community, and gathering the required information/images/sounds, etc.
  3. Sharing. Students share their findings with other classmates. The medium can vary depending on the focus of the course and/or the resources available at the host site (possible options: class presentations, YouTube videos, blog entries, etc.)
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