Pre-Conference Visits

Delaware is home to some holdings of exceptional interest to Victorianists in general and particularly to those of us interested in print and periodical studies. As part of this year’s RVSP conference and with the generous help of a number of colleagues in the area, I am delighted to let you know that we are able to make possible visits to three of these collections on the afternoon of Thursday September 11.

These collections are:

The Mark Samuels Lasner Collection in the library on the main campus of the University of Delaware, which has a special emphasis on the Pre-Raphaelits and the 1890s. For the visit, there will be a special display of Victorian and fin-de-siècle periodicals from the collection, curated by Casey Smith of the Corcoran School of Art and Design: 

The library at the Hagley Museum and Library, which has extensive holdings on Victorian business and technology:

The library at Winterthur, which focuses on American material culture and includes the John & Carolyn Grossman Collection:

At each site, librarians/curators will give our group a tour of the collection and of materials specially chosen for their relevance to our field.

If you are arriving in Wilmington by 2.00 on Thursday afternoon and would like to go on a visit to one of these sites, please follow the link below and sign up in your order of preference. We will try to give you your first choice if at all possible, but please understand that we are constrained by how many people we can shuttle to each site.

The deadline for responding is Friday August 15, but earlier responses will be appreciated, since this will help with our planning the logistics!

Transportation will leave the Sheraton at 2.00 and return by 5.00.