Getting Around in Wilmington

 Walking (and running) in Downtown Wilmington

Like many American cities, Wilmington is characterized by sudden shifts between its different neighborhoods.  The downtown area shares this feature, and it is important to be aware where to go – and where not to go.

A basic rule of thumb to follow is that you should not walk in the district behind the Sheraton (below 10th St.). On Market St, stay above 4th St. The hotel front desk can help with more details if you are unsure.

The directions on the “Places to Eat” page provide general information about downtown. If you are interested in walking or running for exercise, the ideal spot is through Brandywine Park which runs along both sides of the river. To get there, go out of the hotel, cross diagonally left, and go down Washington St. After 0.2 mile you will come to the bridge across the Brandywine; take the steps on the right side of the street before the bridge; at their foot you will be on S. Park Drive. Turn left and go past the hospital building; after 100 yards, cross the street and you will be on the path system that runs through the park. Head upstream to explore.

(If you are here on Sunday and want to walk to the Delaware Art Museum, follow the path to the point where it climbs up from the river; at the top it rejoins S. Park Drive, which in turn leads to Kentmere Parkway and the Museum.)

You can also cross the river and loop back along the trail that runs through the park along the north bank and by the zoo.  This is a safe area, much used by walkers, runners, and cyclists.


 From the Sheraton to UD Wilmington (1.9 miles) and back

Exit the hotel garage by turning right at the top of the ramp and then turn right out of the hotel on to 10th St. Go two blocks and take the second right on to Jefferson St. Go two blocks and turn left on to 12th St. Stay in the left lane. 12th will become Pennsylvania Avenue just after you cross over I 95. Continue 1.2 miles. The UD campus will be on the left just after some open green space. Turn in at the light. Conference parking will be on the left on Friday and signed; on Saturday, you may park anywhere in the lot.

If you go under the Tower Hill School pedestrian bridge over Pennsylvania, you have gone past the campus!

Returning to the Sheraton: turn right out of the campus and follow Pennsylvania back to downtown; it becomes Delaware and leads you directly to the hotel.

From UD Wilmington to the Delaware Art Museum

Exit the parking lot and turn right on to Pennsylvania. At the first light, turn left on to Greenhill. Go to 18th St. and turn right. Go three blocks and turn left on to N. Bancroft. Go four blocks and at the T-junction turn left on to Kentmere Parkway. The museum will be 300 feet up on your right; parking is behind the museum.

 From the Delaware Art Museum to the Sheraton

Turn right out of the museum. Immediately take a left to do a u-turn on Kentmere. Take the first right on to N. Bancroft. Follow Bancroft to Pennsylvania. Turn left and follow Pennsylvania downtown; it becomes Delaware and leads you directly to the hotel.