We are a research group in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Delaware. Our research is focused on new platforms with unique electronic and reactivity profiles to address issues relating to (1) environmental and energy sustainability, (2) catalysis and upconversion of small molecule substrates, (3) development of improved light-based therapeutics for treatment of cancer and other diseases, and (4) new platforms and strategies to enable synthesis of materials and compounds using electricity.

Our work places major emphasis on the design and construction of new compounds and materials with projects involving the synthesis of new coordination complexes with non-traditional ligand architectures, porous inorganic materials, and metal-based alloys. We partner our efforts in chemical synthesis with expertise in electrochemistry, photochemistry & spectroscopy, as well as many other analytical and physical characterization methods. As a result, members of our group gain direct exposure to chemical synthesis, electrochemistry, materials chemistry, photochemistry, catalysis, surface science, and spectroscopy. Students also benefit through interactions with our network of collaborators at UD, other universities, and National Labs to learn about computational chemistry and ultrafast spectroscopy, as well as tissue culture and cell biology.

You can keep up to date on what’s going on in our group by following us on Twitter (@rosenthal_lab)! We also invite you to learn more about our research facilities and instrumentation, our prior work, and the compelling scientific problems that we are currently tackling by looking through our website and published work.

We are always looking for motivated students and researchers to join our team! Students and other researchers interested in learning more about current opportunities should contact Prof. Rosenthal by email.

Twitter: @rosenthal_lab

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