We are a research group in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Delaware focused on solving problems related to the environment, the storage and conversion of both conventional and renewable resources and human health.

To accomplish these goals, our program applies advanced synthetic and physical techniques to design, prepare and characterize new platforms with nontraditional electronic and reactivity profiles. Tantamount to our goals is the ability to design and construct new molecules and materials for targeted applications. Advanced electrochemical, spectroscopic and computational analyses guide this design process and afford a better physical understanding of the different systems under consideration.

The majority of our work is centered in three key arenas, including the development of new platforms for conversion of thermodynamically stable molecules such as carbon dioxide to fuels and other value-added compounds. We are also focused on establishing new methods for tailoring the chemical and physical properties of surfaces, including electrode and metal oxides materials for applications in catalysis, sensing, and high-throughput screening. Finally, we are also working to develop new classes of photochemotherapeutic for the treatment of cancer and related conditions.

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Twitter: @rosenthal_lab

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