HDFS 201: Life Span Development

Exploration and understanding of the social, emotional, cognitive and physical development of the individual from infancy through old age in the context of the family. Click here for syllabus

HDFS328: Introduction to the Research Process

Exposure to the research process through attending and critiquing research presentations, reading and reviewing scholarly papers, and development of a variety of research skills, such as instrument design, coding and data entry.  Students’ work will contribute to the development of a professional portfolio.  Prereq: HDFS201 and HDFS202

HDFS470: Family Risk & Resiliency

Applied focus on situations which place families at risk across the life span such as poverty, disability, stressors and family dissolution.  An examination of family strengths, cultural diversity and techniques for working with families across the life course in community based settings including classrooms, programs, and agencies. Click here for syllabus.


HDFS 803: Human Development in Lifespan Perspective

Systematic survey of developmental domains across the life span. Topical emphasis on multidisciplinary research findings chronicling continuities and discontinuities in individuals’ status and functioning in physical growth, perception, cognition, language, attachment, personality development, gender and sexuality.