Welcome to the Robot Perception & Navigation Group (RPNG) led by Prof. Guoquan (Paul) Huang at the University of Delaware (UD). Our group is part of the UD Center for Autonomous and Robotic Systems (CARS), and is also affiliated with the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Department of Computer and Information Sciences. As robots are becoming ubiquitous, our research interests are driven by the desire to understand intelligence and develop robots that better serve people (e.g., autonomous systems for search and rescue) and augment human capabilities (e.g., working in dangerous or inaccessible environments). Our mission is to enable robots to understand its surroundings so as to navigate autonomously, safely, and efficiently, in any (unknown) environment. To this end, our research has been primarily focusing on probabilistic sensing, estimation, localization, mapping, planning and control of autonomous ground, aerial, and underwater vehicles. Theoretically, we aim to design and develop robust, efficient, consistent, secure, distributed state estimation and control algorithms for various perception and navigation problems, such as:
  • Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM)
  • Visual-inertial navigation system (VINS)
  • Semantic localization and mapping
  • Cooperative localization, mapping and tracking
  • Active sensing and target tracking
  • Spatial intelligence
  • Perceptive locomotion
  • Planning under uncertainty
Where we are:
  • Lab: STAR Modular C103-105
  • PI office: 304 Spencer Lab
  • Grad office: 328 Spencer Lab