Do you buy coffee everyday?

Every $5 “Mocha-latte-caramel” coffee you buy is literally and figuratively flushing $1,000,000 down the drain!


Here’s how it works:

Save your $5 and invest in a mix of stocks and bonds.

Over the long term, you could earn a return of 7% per year on average.  Some years it will grow much higher and other years will lose money. Stay invested and don’t panic during those bad years. Your money will grow over the long term.

Keep saving for 45 years: I’m assuming you begin saving when you’re 20 and retire at 65.

That equals $580,000 when you turn 65

or $1,160,000 if you use a 401K account


Want to learn more?  Watch this video to learn my 5 Rules For Investing