Researchers whose cyberinfrastructure needs exceed what is available at UD should investigate other resources such as Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE) with assistance available through UD’s XSEDE campus champion. In 2011, the NSF-funded XSEDE project replaced and expanded the NSF-funded TeraGrid project. Now the XSEDE team has transitioned from “startup” mode to the regular delivery of valued service.


UD’s Campus Champion


UD’s Information Technologies is an institutional member of the Campus Champions program, which is part of XSEDE’s Education and Outreach activity. IT’s Campus Champion at UD, Anita Schwartz or Sai Sunkara, can provide you with information about XSEDE’s resources, quick access to XSEDE service allocations and quick startup training for new allocations. Either can expedite technical problem-resolution by involving XSEDE’s specialist staff and other Campus Champions.


Available Systems


Multiple partner institutions contribute resources and services to the XSEDE project.


  • High Performance Computing (HPC) Systems: Cluster, MPP and SMP systems built of Cray, Sun, IBM and SGI hardware. Thousands of teraflops (TFlops) of aggregate peak performance.
  • Visualization Systems: Systems composed of hardware designed for graphics processing and rendering, typically NVidia GPUs.
  • Storage Systems: Specially configured, terabyte/petabyte-scale storage devices for short- and longterm data storage are available on all XSEDE systems. In addition, each HPC system has its own local home file system and fast scratch directories for use while jobs are running.
  • High Throughput Computing Systems: XSEDE’s Condor pool has thousands of heterogeneous systems configured to share their spare cycles. Serial jobs are transferred to available systems as cycles become available. Condor jobs are ideal for large problems that can be solved by completing many serial jobs, such as parameter sweeps or Monte Carlo simulations.


User Portal


The XSEDE User Portal is a web interface for making XSEDE account management easier, for getting information about XSEDE resources, and for accessing many XSEDE services in a single place.