Getting Started

Welcome to IT Research Computing!

IT Research Computing provides services for researchers that include HPC computing resources locally and nationally, storage and high-speed data transfer capabilities. Additionally, the Research Computing team provides consulting in computational science and data management, and will support grant proposals by partnering or providing letters of support.

How can we help?

Our goal is to provide you with the tools and guidance you need to make your research efforts productive and successful. We provide a wide range of services and we will connect you with the resources you need to manage your research.

Do you need…


Computing resources?

Great! Check out our community clusters and we’ll help you determine what kind of high performance computing resources you need to get started with your research.


Help with your current computing setup?

Contact us and we will set up a free consultation to solve your problem. You can find out more specifics about how we can help you by exploring our Support & Services.

Training resources?

If you aren’t ready for a consultation, we have complied a list of resources to help you get started using your research computing tools. We also manage hpc-ask, a Google group designed for researchers to converse and ask questions in a community forum.

We also have listed other resources that might be useful to you that are provided by campus or national entities.