Engineers uncover strength, toughness of hexagonal boron nitride

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From smartphones that bend to solar panels that wrap around houses, flexible electronics could make consumers very happy. But first, someone has to figure out how to make them. One important question is which materials are tough enough to maintain their electronic properties under such harsh conditions?

At the University of Delaware, M. Zubaer Hossain studies ways to control the toughness and strength of 2D materials and understand how they behave under loading conditions, such as being stretched, dropped, or bent. In a paper recently published in the Journal of Applied Physics, Hossain, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering, described new insights about the strength and toughness of the 2D material hexagonal boron nitride, which is being investigated for use in part because it is a very good insulator.

“We wanted to understand strength and toughness in this brittle material and try to understand the behavior, strength and toughness along different directions,” he said. “And what we find in this work is that they depend a lot on the loading direction.”

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