XSEDE crosses over with the University of Delaware


The University has recently been granted membership as a Level 3 Service Provider in the XSEDE Federation.

XSEDE is an external HPC resource, supplying computing resources to researchers at UD and other institutions through NSF funding. Service Providers (SPs) are organizations that provide cyberinfrastructure services to the science and engineering community. As a Level 3 SP, the organization is influential in making their community aware of the rich resources that exist beyond the formal structure of the XSEDE program.

Membership in the XSEDE Federation offers several benefits for the UD community. Having the ability to list UD services on the XSEDE website will provide visibility of UD’s research computing support and services, making them readily available to UD researchers, potential new faculty, staff, and graduate students interested in seeking opportunities at the University. This membership will also grant our researchers increased exposure to the XSEDE community, leading to greater potential for collaborations, allocations, and recruitment beyond the needs met within the UD community.

The University is excited to work in collaboration with the XSEDE Federation and explore the resources they provide. Interested in learning more about the XSEDE Federation? Read more here!