The IT High Performance Computing (HPC) Team led the February 2016 session of the HPC Symposium Series on February 24. Over 24 members of the HPC community attended this open forum.


The first hour included a formal presentation by HPC Team member Jeffrey Frey about the implementation of the spillover queue on Mills, “Mills: Job Scheduling Change”. The spillover queue will be implemented according to the Mills End-of-Life Policy. The presentation was followed by questions from the audience regarding how the spillover queue will affect their jobs and how they will need to change their job submissions. Additional questions were raised about the upcoming cluster and began a discussion about researcher needs and the design of the next cluster.


The remaining time was spent in breakout groups led by HPC Team members discussing “Benchmarking jobs: Computational models for running Matlab on a shared cluster“, “Getting started with Farber”, and “Troubleshooting on Mills and Farber”.


IT HPC Team presentation slides are located on the HPC Symposium Series page.


The IT HPC Team includes Anita Schwartz, Jeffrey Frey, Bill Totten, and Dean Nairn.


The next HPC Symposium will be held on June 22 featuring the Neunuebel Neuroscience Lab. Register.