HumanCentered AI  (HAI Class) –  CISC889011 – Spring 2021 – Zoom URL


Prerequisite: Formally, CISC681; practically, any 400+-level courses in AI/ML


Course Description: This course will cover the ever-increasing implications of AI. It will go beyond the classic “how to develop AI systems as utility-maximizers” theme and will study other important considerations in designing such systems. Some of the covered topics include interpretability, reproducibility, bias, corrigibility, privacy, ethics, automation, literacy, sustainability, democracy, and singularity. The course will start by discussing these topics at a higher level, and will then continue on both theoretical (e.g., discussing ideas) and technical (e.g., covering algorithmic solutions) tracks by focusing on some of the topics. As such, the students will choose either a theoretical or technical topic for class presentation or project.

2/18Bias and fairness [pptx]
2/27Reproducibility and robustness[pptx]
3/4 and 3/11Interpretability, explainability, and transparency [pptx]
3/18Security, safety, and privacy[pptx]
3/25Ethics, accountability, and uncertainty [pptx]
4/6Automation, jobs, and literacy[pptx]
4/13Sustainability and environment [pptx]
4/20Disinformation, recommender systems, and deepfakes[pptx]
4/27Artificial general intelligence, superintelligence, and corrigibility[pptx]

Learning Objectives
  • Be familiar with the primary areas of human-centered AI
  • Determine non-algorithmic solutions to manage or reduce the challenges
  • Be familiar with a few algorithmic ways to address each issue and be comfortable implementing at least one method
  • Determine how the principles of human-centered AI should be integrated with current research projects that students are working on in areas other than this course
  • Know current, mid-, and long-term areas of research in human-centered AI

Reading assignments401 paper of your choice per topic (2 for XAI)
ProjectCode or Essay15
Knowledge retention mini-exam5May 4, Take-home and open-book
Peer-review10For grading classmates
A90 and overB-70 to 75D+50 to 55
A-85 to 90C+65 to 70D45 to 50
B+80 to 85C60 to 65D-40 to 45
B75 to 80C-55 to 60FBelow 40

We will use Piazza for ALL of the class communications. Piazza should be also available from Canvas. The system is highly catered to getting you to help fast and efficiently from classmates, the TA, and myself. Rather than emailing questions to the teaching staff, I encourage you to post your questions on Piazza. Check for existing questions, and consider answering your classmates’ questions. If you have any problems or feedback for the developers, email