Thank you for considering our lab!

I always challenge the students not to contact me, if they can possibly think of any area that is more promising, impactful, and in-demand than the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Health Sciences, which is our lab’s area of focus!! You may note that AI+healthcare is a really huge area. While our lab has its niche areas, I would love to sit and chat with you about the common areas of interest. I take advising my students very seriously and you can expect superb mentoring if you join our team. As a general advice, taking a course with me is a great way that we know each other better.

If you are not at the University of Delaware yet, I encourage you to consider applying to our Computer Science program. I review all of the applications very carefully. If you liked, you can also list me on your statement, and contact me a priori.

I apologize in advance if, due to the volume of the emails that I receive, I couldn’t get back to you in a timely manner, but be assured that I do read your email carefully and they are very important to me.