Ratna Nandakumar, Ph. D.nandakum@udel.edu Meditation is the infallible means of conquering the restlessness of the mind…. Meditation is the heart of yoga, the root of sadhana the master key to knowledge, the stream of love.
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.Ratna Nandakumar is a Professor in the School of Education at the University of Delaware. She teaches graduate level courses in statistics and educational measurement. Her research interests are in the theory and application of psychometric methods in education and related fields. Her research in the past has focused on assessment of dimensionality underlying test data and detection of differential item functioning in educational tests. In this regard she contributed to the refinement and application of a statistical methodology DIMTEST for dimensional assessment; and to the development of DIF detection methodology CATSIB for computerized adaptive test data. Her current research focuses on item parameter estimation, Rasch modeling in applied settings, and DIF assessment in the context of multilevel and generalized linear and nonlinear models.

Her work has been published in Journal of Educational Measurement,

Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics, Applied Psychological Measurement, and Multivariate Behavioral Research. She currently serves as an advisor/consultant of assessment to the Delaware Educational Research and Developmen center at the University of Delaware, and to the Delaware Department of Education Assessment division. In the past she has served as a psychometrician for the Literacy Link project at the National Center for Adult Literacy of University of Pennsylvania.